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   Romantic part: By the time she was eighteen, our heroine knew everything about her future. She was the best student in her high school and knew anatomy and physiology like the back of her hand. Being a doctor was her dream, her passion. But everything changed in one moment.

   She is now nineteen and had to grow up quickly this past year. She needed a change and has decided to move to the city. But she got into trouble even before reaching her destination. And this episode changes her destiny.

   Should Lisa get together with a man who she likes and hates simultaneously? Or it's better to get revenge and get rid of him?

   Should Lisa reconnect with her best female friend? Are their feelings much deeper than just a friendship?

  Lead Lisa through her life and let her decide what she really wants.

   Kinky part: "Beauty and the thug" has a unique corruption system and a wide variety of fetishes. It's not about turning a virgin into a slut as it happens at most games of this genre.

   Lisa starts from a pretty vanilla state: she is not a virgin, and she had some sexual experience with her ex-boyfriend from her hometown. After moving to the city, she starts living alone. So, Lisa uses this opportunity to discover her sexuality and learn what she likes. Lisa dives into various kinks and fetishes and experiments relentlessly with her body and mind. She watches lewd videos, does research, buys various toys and different assets, and practices, practices, practices.

   There're 18 types of fetishes Lisa will be able to learn. Thus, there's a big chance you will find your favorites.

   The crucial idea of “Beauty and the thug” is how males and females interacting make each other better. There's no rape and blackmail in the game. Thus, the game is designed for both male and female auditory, though lesbianism is not completely avoidable even if you choose a "straight route."

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Install instructions:

PC and MAC

1. If you have v.0.1.0 or higher:

  • Download Week 2 and unzip it in the Beauty and the Thug's folder with replacement.
  • Enjoy the game.

2. If you don't have v.0.1.0 or higher:

Option 1:

  • Download FULL version (already includes Week1 and Week2);
  • Enjoy the game.

Option 2:

  • Download Week1 and Week 2;
  • Join the content of both archives in one directory;
  • Enjoy the game.


Install the apk and run - the folders will be created to put both week2_1.5.rpa and week1.rpa files in.

If you already have week1.rpa, you don’t need to download it again.



  • Added Day 10 – 12 (June 10 – June 12);
  • You can also play Day 13 as a Groundhog Day; 
  • New Car Wash event. Lisa may decide not to put on her bra for car washing; 
  • A new big event - visiting a gynecologist. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Lisa is healthy;
  • A new unique feature in nswf game industry - a non-perverted gynecologist!
  • New location - Lavatory on the beach. Quite a big scene;
  • New beach event with Charlie;
  • New nude adventures when Lisa goes to the left from the public beach;
  • Beach topless photo session;
  • A few smaller extensions for the beach - watersport events in several locations and reading textbook;
  • New events with Sandra in the Laundromat;
  • New location - Glory Hole in club "Paradise";
  • New fetish - CumPlay;
  • Skype conversation with Hunter. This time, Hunter has a chance to convince Lisa to do something lewd;
  • New toy - Ben Wa balls. Lisa can clean or cook wearing Ben Wa balls;
  • One more new toy - AnalBeads. Lisa can use them at night;
  • New lewd dream with Lisa, Dolly, and Dolly's new friends;
  • Three new fetish videos;
  • Watersport practice in the bathroom;
  • Lisa can visit Book Store routinely;
  • Fixed the bug with Sandra's first sex scene, where the game often crashed. Also, if Sandra has sex with Lisa, she always asks her husband for permission;
  • A few other bug fixes.
  • Entirely reworked the cheat system.
  • Now, you have sliders for all fetishes, cooking skills, and progress in math.
  • A few new cheat codes for Hunter and Sandra;
  • German translation (Italian will be soon);
  • 20 new gallery entries;
  • A new concept for new animations: one long animation (30-60 sec) instead of a few short animations;
  • The game now contains 14709 renders and 1130 animations;


  • added Day 9 (June 9, Tuesday);
  • you can also play Day 10 as a Groundhog Day;
  • new big beach event related to the main storyline;
  • Car Wash event;
  • new location – night club Paradise;
  • a lot of events for Blow Job, Pussy Play, Anal Play, Exhibitionism, and other fetishes.
  • new fetish – watersport (fully avoidable);
  • extension of cooking – food play;
  • extensions of the bed play;
  • three night-time fetish events;
  • fixed some bugs;
  • 11 new entries in the game gallery
  • Italian translation;
  • the game contains now 12232 renders and 1086 animations;


  • added Day 8 (June 8, Monday);
  • you can also play Day 9 as a sandbox day;
  • MC is getting more sensitive; starting from the second week, she can have more than one orgasm a day;
  • added a new dream;
  • added one main storyline event;
  • extended morning events;
  • extended bathroom and shower events;
  • added shaving;
  • extended car wash event;
  • extended home workout and jogging events;
  • extended cooking: MC can progress from a dummy to a newbie;
  • added one new location – library & bookstore;
  • added four home activities – reading textbook, reading erotic books, bondage practice, and Internet research; the last one appears only when required;
  • mc can invite Sandra (as a friend or as a lover); added a lot of sex activities for them;
  • added three fetish nighttime events and two practice events;
  • initiates two more fetishes – ass eating and watersport (will be developed in the next versions);
  • added one more toy – ben wa balls (will be used in the next versions);
  • added 14 entries of the game gallery;
  • added Italian translation;
  • the game contains now 11266 renders and 1073 animations.


  • added Day 7 (June 7, Sunday); MC can have a short date with Hunter, spend the whole day with her new friend Sandra, and stay alone;
  • you can also play Day 8 as a sandbox day;
  • added several fetish events;
  • added a few scenes for the bedroom, shower, and bath;
  • added a new optional fetish – armpit fetish;
  • now, you can save MC’s fetish skills and retrieve them when you start a new game (experimental);
  • added 10 new entries in the gallery;
  • slight additional compression of files;
  • fixed some bugs;
  • implemented Italian translation; German translation is in progress;
  • the game contains now 9553 renders and 914 animations.


  • added Day 6 (June 6, Saturday); the first scene with MC’s best female friend;
  • added a few scenes for the bedroom;
  • updated interface for bed play events, play in the shower, and some daytime events;
  • slight additional compression of game files;
  • new hotkeys: M to show/hide top menu; S to show/hide stats menu;
  • fixed some bugs;
  • implemented Italian and German translation;
  • the game contains now 8359 renders and 809 animations.


v 0.0.2 

- Added ability to shave armpits, pubes, both, or nothing;

- Added images and animations for all shaving options. Now the game contains 1501 images and 183 animations;

- Dolly and the character of the porn videos use the shaving options that you like;

- Compressed images without visible quality loss. The final v0.0.2 archive is even smaller than v.0.0.1;

- Fixed some animations to make them hotter and more realistic;

- Some minor editing of dialogues.

Implementing the shaving options required to do major structural changes to the game code. Old save files will not work.

Patreon: Ze-gam-eZ


Buy Now$12.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Full version 0.1.5f for PC - FULL (Recommended)
Full version 0.1.x for PC - Week 1 (Recommended)
Full version 0.1.5f for PC - Week 2 (Recommended)
Full version 0.1.5f for PC - FULL (Mirror on MEGA)
Full version 0.1.x for PC - Week 1 (Mirror on MEGA)
Full version 0.1.5f for PC - Week 2 (Mirror on MEGA)
Full version 0.1.5f for MAC - FULL (Recommended)
Full version 0.1.x for MAC - Week 1 (Recommended)
Full version 0.1.5f for MAC - Week 2 (Recommended)
Full version 0.1.5f for MAC - FULL (Mirror on MEGA)
Full version 0.1.x for MAC - Week 1 (Mirror on MEGA)
Full version 0.1.5f for MAC - Week 2 (Mirror on MEGA)
Android version 0.1.5f by Wills747 MEGA
Android version 0.1.5f by Wills747 MEGA - Brazilian Portuguese
Cheat codes 0.1.5
italian0.1.5f.rar 2 MB
How to open all content 0.1.5.pdf 232 kB

Download demo

Free version 0.0.9b for PC
Free version 0.0.9b for MAC
Free version 0.0.9b for Android
Walkthrough v.0.1.5

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Just played the demo to check it out. It plays really well. I did notice that at times the dialog boxes cover up portions of the image. I didn't see a way to drop it. Did I miss it? Or is it not there. You've gone to some great measures to create the images, be nice to be able to see the whole thing. Looking forward to purchasing the game soon and seeing where you end up. How many day's are you planning? Thank you


Thank you!

Press H to show/hide dialog box. You can do this it any RenPy game.

The game lasts 10 weeks.

Thank you. Did miss that. 

I just downloaded the 1.5 version, but when I try to load a save from 1.2, it instantly skips from day 10 to day 13 (sandbox)

Is there any known fix for this?

(1 edit)

When I started the game via Steam Proton this evening, Steam first reported that the game was being updated - even though I added it as a non-Steam game - and after that, the game had the decreasing-stats bug again.

It didn't have the cheat slide bars yet after the update.

Yes, I'm still working on update. I will create a dev log when the game is updated

(11 edits)

The game (build 0.1.2a FULL) doesn't store the cheat settings; whenever I reload the program, I need to enter them all again. It pretty much undoes the purpose of that menu, and makes the game unneccessarilly tame. I set the exhibition trait to max (47%), but a bit later it was back at 7%, while nothing happened that could've lowered her appetite for being observed. So I'm missing out on a lot of exciting scenes here.

Is there a way to put them in a file and then copy/paste them into the cheatbox, or a config file that I can tweak?

In future versions, you may want to put those things into a menu with clickable '+' and '-' buttons or boxes where we can type numerical values.

And the cheats "ae+" and "pe+", reported on zegamez.com, don't seem to work.


Okay. I killed 1.5 days, but I fixed this bug and create cheat sliders.

Please, check it out

WoW cool! Great job! I expected it to be more of a fuzz, and for it to feature in upcoming versions somewhere in time!

Looks great too :D

You sure have my sincerest gratitude!

Is it available for download already?

I'm finishing the update. It will be available very soon. I'll inform about new update in my dev log.



By the way, I posted something in the itch.io comments that you may want to read before you release the next update.

I joined your Patreon now by the way. My username there is Jasmeria.

Thank you for support! I really appreciate it.

Does the game evolve depending on our choices, or is it linear?

Yes, the game and what you see heavily depends on your choices.

(1 edit)

Amy looks a lot like Lisa. Which makes me wonder, if she's really more than just a (ex)friend

Despite clearly having enough money to buy the mojito at the beach bar. It makes no sense, when lisa say's she can't afford it.

(3 edits)

Theirs some inconsistencies while Lisa is at home, where one moment she's wearing panties, and in the next shot she isn't, then she's suddenly wearing them again. Happens after returning home from her failed interview at Drunken Monkey.

There also needs to be some other way of lowering arousal (maybe a cold shower?) if you've chosen to repress masturbating.


Yup still telling me not working or not enough funds in the account but takes my money and dose not give me the game fucking scam


Again, no one of the game developers can affect the payment process. No one of them can see your credit card info. You pay to Itch.io administration. Then, Itchio.io takes some interest and pays the rest to a game developer. The process takes about a week. Even if I wanted to make a scam, I would not be able to do that on this platform.

Contact Itch.io https://itch.io/support.

I understand your frustration, but please, don't call me a fucking scammer.

With best regards, zegamez


I paid for the full version twice and it just tell me that my card info was wrong or did jot go through but when i look at my account it went through so is this a scam?


I'm sorry to hear that you have problems downloading my game.

No worries, I can assure you that it is NOT a scam. I have hundreds of customers, and this is the first time I have heard about such a problem.

Unfortunately, I'm not in charge of withdrawing money. You pay Itch.io, and then Itch.io takes some interest and pays the rest to me. Please, contact them at https://itch.io/support.

I'm sure they'll solve this problem.


The archive with full version on MEGA was corrupted. I've already reupload it.


If purchased, will I get access to future updates as well? Or does every update need to be re-purchased?


You'll have access to all future updates. You need to pay only once.

Want to see an option where I can choose, not to go on the date with Hunter

(1 edit) (+2)

You can't avoid this date, but you can ruin it.

Ok. That's good to know at least


Theirs an inconsistency where the game keeps mentioning a carwash job, even when you haven't taken it

Thank you for letting me know. Do you remember the exact phrase by chance so I could fix it?


Note. These happen is you choose to ignore the jerk who asks "Hey! Why is such a beautiful girl so sad?"

When Lisa is writting her nikki-do for the second time, she writes. BLADE. I managed to get a job at a car wash, but I consider it a temporay solution. So, I have to get prepared for my next job interview

During a phone conversation between Will and Hunter. Hunter. "Anything else?. Will. "Nah. That's all for now. Oh, wait, she got another job too, but we didn't intervene". She got it on her own. Hunter, "What kind of job?" Will. "Washin cars." Hunter. "Washin' cars!? Ha Ha No way!


Thank you, fixed!


One of the Best VN (Female Protagonist) Games in Development with amazing graphics and amazing character design.

 Sandbox and RPG content likewise. Around 4 hours of gameplay so far. 

I have re-played this about 6 times to discover every scene in the v011c .

Loving the game so far!

I do wonder though, would it be possible to add Watersports as a "proper" fetish? As in, that it has an associated skill with it

The pee-scenes you already have are pretty good, but also pretty vanilla in that they mostly happen in toilets, and I was wondering if she could get kinkier with them! <3

(1 edit)

Thank you!

For developing some fetishes, you have to meet initial requirements. For example, Blowjob requires Handjob of 50%; Bondage requires Blowjob of 10% and Teasing of 17% (see Walkthrough for more details.)

To start Piss Play (Watersport), you need Pussy Eating 50%. It can be gained not earlier than in the next version. So, Watersport as a fetish will appear in two updates.

!!! Aaaa I can't wait! <3

Thank you!

hello first sorry for my english :-) I just want to ask if android version is ok. I understood from comments that android version is not from zegames and i already bought on itch.io lust theory and the android apk doesnt work and i dont want to do same mistake again. 

and  future updates Will be also in android version on same day or again someone (Eestrada777 ) do it later? 

thanks for ansver and have a good day.

Sorry, I don't have any android gadget for now to check the android version or port it by myself. I have plans to do something with that, but right now I can't promise anything. It was Eestrada777's idea to port my game, I didn't ask him.

Has someone already tested the android version?


Pleasantly surprised with this game. Really good. Can't wait for next update

do you have any plans on moving this to Android?

I've added android version v.0.0.9b. Eestrada777 ported my game for me.

You can support him here:  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/estrada777

Can you make the demo downloadable through itch.io app? 


No, the game size is too large.

(2 edits)

This looks quite interesting! I'm downloading the demo now to test it, but I have a question:

Is there any watersports (piss/urine play) content in this?
EDIT: Nevermind, I found it! I love it <3<3  And more than I've found in most other games so far, so I'm heavily considering paying for the full version now...

Also feedback; Thank you for having a demo version! It's great to be able to testplay a little!

EDIT2: Okay, I gotta say this game has positively surprised me a lot
So far (I'm only on day 3), this game has had more watersports content than pretty much any other game I've played, and far higher quality than the vast majority of them (only one other comes to mind of comparable quality)

Absolutely excellent game so far!

I just finished the v.0.08; the story is promising and the game intriguing, but I have some questions:

1. the knowledges values (i.e. FX, AP,...) are not shown everywhere, right?  So how can I known what to do or expect, according to the walkthrough?

2. Up to day 5 completed there is very few (almost nothing)  sex scenes and no way to increase the ability (a part of cooking and a 50% on hj.  Does it mean that everything is happening later, from day 6?

By the way, I just bougth version 0.09.
I hope that if there will be further upgrades, as I wish, it will be not required to buy them again.

1. You can check the values in Stats menu -> Skills. These skills affect a lot of scenes. Sometimes it's just a few renders, sometimes it's quite big subscenes. It's impossible to describe everything in the Walkthrough.

2. Yes, it's an early stage of the game. First real sex scenes (not imagination, not masturbation) happen on Day 6 (June 6.) The game lasts till mid August.

3. Yes, you pay only once. I'll increase the price later, but you will have access for all updates for free.

I startet rev 0.09 and I found a possible problem/bug.
After a few scenes with Hunter (where I answered: 'Tell him to give it back') I went into the walktrough to see if I can skip this story (I'm into a lesbian path, if exists) to discover that the correct aswer should have been 'Take it'.  Reloaded a saved game (start of day 6) that option about the cell does not appear anymore so I'm forced to proceed with this path. Is it a my problem  or a bug?

This upgrade is quite short (one day only); I hope the future ones will be longer and those will have more watersport scenes of intercourse between Clara and some other girls.

Said that, I will subscribe as supporter on Patreon.

Thank you!

Pretty strange bug. Can you give me your save file?

Here it is. Hope to have picked the correct one; it is at day 6 morning. I added the persistent too. if it helps.
EDIT: how can I include the zip file? There is not any icon for that; pls let me know

Actually, I don't know either :)

Email it to me, please. My email is ip8798096 plus at gmail.com

it’s alright.  It is fun, tickles a certain part of the brain.  Story is silly, mostly childish.  Scene focus is nearly always from a lewd vantage point, so you get your jollies but not much in the way of intelligent entertainment.  

I'd have to agree with mostly what you said. I found the story and characters rather amusing. It's definitely not a serious story, if that's what any of you are looking for. Plenty of eye candy, for sure.

agreed.  A Willy Wonka  eye candy extravaganza.  I guess I thought it would be a bit more serious—my bad!

What makes a story intelligent? I'd say hard decisions, moral dilemmas, when things are not how they look at first glance, etc.

Hey, it's v.0.0.9! MC had the only date with Hunter! How can you say that the story is silly?


I don't think the story is silly. Fun is a better word. And those that don't get it, can play something else. The game is awesome! Please keep it going.


This game is worthy of attention. The creator has put a level of detail in this game that is off the charts. I'm enjoying the story and the characters. I also know there is a bunch of content I missed, so definitely make different choices to see all that this game has to offer. This game is very original in its elements and with it being new has a lot of potential to get even better. I hope you all find it as pleasing as I do. Enjoy!