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A poignant romance with male or female romantic options. 13 fetishes to learn. Over 23,300 images and 2,500 animations!

Promo video #1 - game description (warning - adult content!)

Promo video #2 - some hot moments (warning - very adult content!)

Promo video #3 - beach ball demo:

Romantic part: By the time she was eighteen, our heroine knew everything about her future. She was the best student in her high school and knew anatomy and physiology like the back of her hand. Being a doctor was her dream, her passion. But everything changed in one moment.

She is now nineteen and had to grow up quickly this past year. She needed a change and has decided to move to the city. But she got into trouble even before reaching her destination. And this episode changes her destiny.

Should Lisa get together with a man who she likes and hates simultaneously? Or is it better to get revenge and get rid of him?

Should Lisa reconnect with her best female friend? Are their feelings much deeper than just a friendship?

Lead Lisa through her life and let her decide what she really wants.

Kinky part: Now that she's living independently, Lisa uses this opportunity to discover her sexuality and learn what she really likes. Lisa dives into various kinks and fetishes and experiments relentlessly with her body and mind. Depending on your preferences, you can guide Lisa through a more traditional narrative focused on romance or shape her into a Fetish Queen who can't take a step without doing something kinky or crazy, mastering all 13 (and 19 in the future) unique fetishes.

Beauty and the Thug offers many unique features, including 

  • a distinctive Corruption and Fetish Development System,
  • the option to shave or leave pubes and armpits unshaved for all female characters,
  • the ability to change the heroine's outfit for various activities,
  • a game gallery with around 100 entries,
  • an in-game hint system with over 300 hints that will guide you if you have any difficulties,
  • skill preservation allowing you to start a new game with all the knowledge gained from previous playthroughs,
  • Fetish Queen Mode,
  • Cheat menu, 
  • and many other elements. 

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  • Fixed a bug where you can't make Amy stay in certain situations
  • Added a screen with Beach Ball statistics that you can see after each game set
  • Added two cheat codes bb+ and bb- .They add +20 / remove -20 skill points from all the girls
  • If you have already seen all four punishments and Queen Fetish Mode is on, you can pick up a punishment
  • Fixed some other minor bugs


Detailed changelog with teasers is here.

  • Added one more game day
  • Started Amy’s route
  • Added some home routine with Amy
  • Added the third visit to the doctor
  • Added jogging with Amy
  • Added next day morning scene with Amy
  • Added some beach routine with Amy
  • Added Beach Ball play with Amy (play teaser you can watch here)
  • Added 13 punishments for losers (4 x 3 for girls, 1 for guys)
  • Added one more background melody
  • Added 5 new gallery entries
  • Added 10 new hints
  • Interface update - Added the ability to name your saves or delete unused ones. You can activate or deactivate it in the Preferences
  • Fixed numerous typos
  • Added more than 2000 new renders and 1250 animations (1140 beach ball and 110 other lewd animations)


  • Added two game days
  • Progress of Bondage Fetish from 25% to 65% (avoidable)
  • Added two laundry events wit Sandra
  • Added fifteen new hints to help with new content
  • Added 8 new gallery entries
  • About 1,600 new renders and 60 animations
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Fixed some typos
  • Two new cheat codes (see the attached pdf file) 
  • The new content is currently available in English. The translations are not yet completed.


  • Added two game days (finished Week 3)
  • Initiated Amy (lesbian) route
  • Progress of Watersport Fetish from 25% to 50% (avoidable)
  • Added numerous beach events with old and new characters
  • Added a few dozens of new hints to help with new content
  • Added 7 new gallery entries
  • Over 1,500 new renders and 13 animations
  • Two new audio tracks
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Detailed changelog you can find here


Buy Now$12.95 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CURRENT VERSION 0.3.5b (download from Mediafire)
CURRENT VERSION 0.3.5b (download from MEGA)
Lisas_skiing_holiday.pdf 163 kB
Martha.pdf 294 kB
German, Italian, French, and Brazilian Portuguese Translations for PREVIOUS vers 12 MB
Cheats for my supporters (updated for v. 0.3.5b) 217 kB
Patch 0.3.5a to 0.3.5b 11 MB
Translations - Brazilian Portuguese, Espanol, French, Italian 17 MB

Download demo

Free version for PC, MAC and Android (Mediafire)
Free version for PC, MAC, and Android (mirror on MEGA)
Walkthrough for version 0.3.5 1 MB
Walkthrough for version 0.3.2 French 5 MB

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I got a question. if is there coming some gags

Of course, I try to add something funny whenever it fits the situation and I have something in my mind. Or what kind of gags do you mean?

i am thinking of duct tape gag. but any gags is good

Yes, I will definitely use them in the continuation of bondage events 

(4 edits)

How do you do the week1+2 thing for the android , I can't figure it out

Just so you know I've downloaded week1+2 I just don't know how to move it were it need to go

(1 edit)

You could use Google files or any other file explorer. The file should be placed in internal/Documents/willis747/beauty.andthe.thug/game.  Because it's a documents folder, you don't have any access restrictions for that. Wills747 uses MiXplorer but that might be too technical.

Thank I got it


disgusting whores

hi, I'm having an issue on downloading the game, I did buy it. But when I comes up as either mediafire or mega, I usually choose mega for these things, but after awhile it just says theres not enough space on mega to download the whole thing. it says something to the fact I can either buy space on mega or just wait like an hr. so i wait an hr and it still doesnt finish the install. Idk if theres a way around it or if its just being weird? I have a lot of room on my pc to download it. any information is greatly appreciated. Thank You

Hi! Thank you for purchasing my game!

Yes, unfortunately Mega has a limit of 2 Gb for free users and you need a paid account to download everything in one day.

However, Mediafire doesn’t have this limit. Thus, you can use Mediafire link.

ok thank you for letting me know.


Hi, very great game but in the download files from Mediafire i think you forgot to add the week1+2.rpa in the compressed downloads

Hi! Thank you! Fixed that

Hello. I've a little issue : health still at Not feeling well. I try do sport but this not change. When I start a new game with the stats, it's start with Not feeling well too.

Thank you! It’s a bit off, I think I will remove transferring health stat to new games. 

Also, I forgot to mention that I decreased the negative effect of eating pizza more than once every other day in 6 times in v 0.3.5b.

However, in your case, it’s better just to fix it with the cheat code.

Hello I found the update. This achievement is truly magnificent. Well done

Bonjour, j'ai acheté le jeu le 23 mars 2024, le 29 il y a une nouvelle version. Comment puis-je obtenir la nouvelle mise à jour ?Cette réalisation est vraiment très belle.

Hello, I purchase version 0.35a on march 23, 2024, how do I get The update ?


First time I buy a game on itch.io. The demo was to great to not try the full version. Good job

Thank you! The paid version has much more content, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Nice concept, but one question, what if you can make a game similar to this one but with a nudist theme both male and female, will you be interested in making that?

Thank you, but my biggest challenge is that there are only 24 hours in a day. I'm also working on another project, "The Better Deal," and trying to learn new things to improve my 3D artist and programmer skills. And right now, I'm creating a DAZ 3D script that should help me to work faster.
So, starting one more project is not an option for now.

okay maybe yo u can do that after the better deal. 

I recently created a post about another dev's game on my Patreon, "Nudist School." You can check it out. This is a females-only school, but the main character is male.

I already did though it makes me wish that the game will have only female characters and no male, at least sunleaf resort game does the job


Wow! I played the full game and it was great! I hope it will be continued. If you are looking for F-F content with nice visuals and an escalating story line, then this is one of the best games I have seen (and I am looking at all the games, I can get my hands on)

(1 edit)

Oh my what a gem! I'm so glad I found this. Instant purchase. So many different fetishes are present.

You should REALLY consider publishing this on GOG. There are a handful of NSFW games on GOG that were otherwise banned on Steam. That way we won't have to deal with the size limitations of itch and you'll get more exposure. I'd rebuy this gem on GOG instantly.


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my game.

Regarding, GOG:

"Thanks a lot for your submission and your interest in GOG.
We’ve taken a look at your project and it looks like an interesting game with fun mechanics.
Unfortunately, we feel that the game would not be a good fit for GOG at this time."

So, no. I tried to contact them one more time when my game was in tops here, but they didn't answer ((

mediafire download opens

So, is the problem solved?

Is this game focused on Lesbian content or straight content? Can the player chose which way the orientation goes?

There are two romantic options: male Hunter and female Amy (Amy's route is just starting, with much more to come in the upcoming update). You have the option to choose one of them.

Additionally, the heroine can have Sandra as a female sex buddy, just be friends with her, or avoid her altogether.


Sounds great! Thank you for the feedback! My cup of tea!

So, if I am looking for F-F content, I can find it here by choosing Amy's route and engage with a female friend....sounds good to me. If I purchase the game, future content will be covered, right? I am mostly interested in the F-F content and Amy's route seems to be not finished yet. But I will look into it anyway.

Sure, all upcoming updates will be for free. In fact, by this point my game has more F-F content then M-F - Amy's F-F initiation, many events with Sandra, Lisa's dreams with Dolly, and more quite close interactions with many other girls (Charlie the photographer, Jackie the adult shop clerk, the twins, BB Club, Gloria the nurse, beach girls Carla and Mia, etc.).

played the demo so far the game is good but how much content is in the demo vs the paid version?


Demo ends on Day 6 while version 0.3.2 ends on Day 23.

(1 edit)

will this game come to steam?

And I have one more question if I buy it on here does it work in itch.io app?

Hi! No, it won't be there https://www.patreon.com/posts/93072879

Sorry, but no again - the itch.io app allows for uploading games up to 2 GB, while Beauty and the Thug is three times larger.

oh man that sucks 

But why did it get banned on steam?

Steam has a lot of porn games on it

They never explain that. I guess it’s because of Dolly’s sailor outfit that is similar to the school uniform in Japanese elementary school 


I’m loving this game so far, it’s hard find a good game like this with a female protag which are my favorites. Going to do my second play through soon! Just wondering if there’s any plans for a route including an older guy? (Or if there already is) age gaps are fun :) 


Thank you!

Sorry, but I didn't plan sex with older guys on the main routes. The main routes are going to be Hunter's and Amy's. I want to to complete them first, and than add the additional route where Lisa doesn't pick up any of them and do whatever she wants, including sex with the old guy with a dog on the beach. But it's not in the nearest plans.

I really need someone to tell me where is the RPA file

week1+2.rpa - it's located in the same folder where you downloaded apk.  If you still can't find it, give me your email. I'll email your the direct link.


 🎵 It Ain't Nothing 🎵 B*tt~ Love~~~~! 🎵


I got the paid version (0.3.2b) but when I download it, extract and play, I see the text but every single scene says "image not found" so all I see is a black screen with the text. I am attempting to do a fresh new install but nothing works...


Thank you for purchasing my game!

It looks like you downloaded update to version 0.3.2 instead of downloading the full version.

Please, make sure you download the file “Beauty and the Thug 0.3.2b - PC/MAC version”  from the root directory. Its size is over 7 Gb.


I find it strange that if you type the exact title in itch.io's search bar, this doesn't even appear in the results.


Hi! Was you logged in?

If not, it may be because itch doesn't show nsfw content to not registered users.

If yes - that's strange for sure. When I search "Beauty and the Thug" being logged in, I get it as the first result. I hope it's not because I'm the author.


It happens with all adult games even when logged in. Including purchased content, you must find it through your profile instead.

I guess you can allow nsfw content in your settings. As the author of nsfw game I don't have this option, so I can't be sure.

I have NSFW enabled of course, and yes I was logged in. I didn't have the game yet, I heard of it elsewhere and wanted to buy it.

I highly recommend advertising off-site and providing direct links.

Well, it calls "shadowbanning." Other nsfw devs said about that, but I didn't believe that it may be true. But it's true. Unfortunately, I can do nothing with that.

I do advertise, but again - with nsfw it's not so easy. I can't use Google ad or something. If you have any suggestions, I'd like to hear them.


if you input into the tags 'adult' when looking for games on the site this game comes up but I first came across it amongst many other games also of course but I've found that to be the case with all the adult games on here not being capable of just searching for them directly shamefully. Maybe the site itself needs to be updated to allow them to be searched for more easily.

Im having trouble with downloading the android version of this game and advice

What kind of problem do you have?


Summary: For $13, this game shows potential but should definitely provide some more features. After purchasing this game, 30 minutes in I found myself not sure about being a female MC lol. It felt weird hitting on another dude grabbin his junk rofl With that said, I wish their was a way we could be a dude as well. I continued playing & kept finding myself expecting the game to finally get good. It never did. Don't get me wrong though. The plot, characters & the animations were above average. The lack of music, sex scenes & female voices were a complete disappointment. Plenty of masturbation scenes. The "sandbox" element was a nice touch. The fact that when you decide to have an encounter with another female, regardless if you choose to romance the thug, changes your path is frustrating. I didn't use the walkthrough in my journey or cheats so maybe it would improve my experience with the game. 

However, would I recommend buying/playing this game? .... Yes.. Yes I would. I think the ZeGamez have created something special with this game & seem to be very active with the community while improving their game. I will definitely be playing this again :)

Thanks ZEGAMEZ !


Many players can't play as female protagonists because they deeply identify with the main character. As a result, any interactions with male characters feel weird for them, even when the protagonist is female. I completely understand and respect that perspective. If you're one of those players, my game might not be the best fit for you. While you can choose a lesbian route to avoid any sexual interactions with male characters, it's impossible to avoid all other interactions with them.

My game shows all the details of my female character's routine. It's not only masturbation; it's also bathroom and hygiene routine, doing chores while wearing very skimpy clothes, etc. I like to visualize such things, and that's why my main character is a female.

Besides, I wanted to create a female character that would not be a total whore blackmailing by any hobo and giving a head to all her neighbors. There are plenty of games like that. My goal was to create a female character that you would really like for her personality. 

Interacting with another female (you're referring to Sandra, correct?) doesn't impact the main storyline. So, you shouldn't be frustrated. Later on, Lisa will admit to Hunter about her relationship with Sandra, and you'll be presented with a choice:

  1. Since Sandra doesn't have a dick, Hunter isn't really bothered by it.
  2. Hunter isn't comfortable with it (Sandra remains just a friend).

The main choice between the straight and lesbian routes will be in the next update.

Some people complained about the lack of content, but in reality, my game has more content than many completed games out there. Version 0.3.0 has close to 20,000 renders and over 1,200 animations. If you take a look at the game gallery, I'm confident you've only explored a small fraction of what's available. To access all the content, you can utilize the in-game hint system; there's no need for cheat codes.

Anyway, thank you for your review!


Yeah, playing as the female protag isn't for everyone. I like it for the purely fictional fantasy of a girl living in a hyper-sexual world where everyone fucks non-stop essentially. It's fun to watch and I always pick every sexual option available, lol.

I guess for me, it's not me being the main character, it's me controlling the main character... if that makes sense.


Will there be NTR? would buy if there is NTR


sorry but no, there will be no ntr. As soon as Lisa picks up her love interest , she stays faithful to him/her. She may continue teasing other characters or having fun together (on lesbian route), but never behind their back.

Is the game finish?


No, it's an ongoing project. However, you pay only once and all upcoming updates will be for free.


Bro did you uploaded the new version of this game .for Android

(1 edit) (+1)

Bro did your full work completed?I can't wait for your next update.when realese it?


All renders and animations are prepared. Script was sent for proofreading. Right now, I'm coding. I want to do today as much as possible.

I hope to finish it quite soon

I purchased the game for pc but I am unable to download it as itchio say the 3rd part site is incompatible , so how do I download it?

Thank you for purchasing my game!
I didn't know about such kind of problem, so had to do a small research. The problem is that itch doesn't allow to upload games larger than 2 Gb while my game is about 6 Gb. Thus, the only way to post games larger than 2 Gb is to use a third-party file hosting. Itch App doesn't allow this, so you need to download it from a browser.

Please, let me know if you still have any troubles with downloading my game from https://zegamez.itch.io/beauty-and-the-thug.
Also, if you want, I can email you the link to download my game. Does your email start with "kris?"

(1 edit)

Hi, Thanks for the quick response but I figured out what to do right after I posted the message. The game downloaded fine from the webpage, so I am all set. :)

Bro how does your working going on?

The percentage of finish work


99 %. Yesterday I created the last render for upcoming update.


Good job bro.you are really a responsible person.so you will update it in 1st week of September i guess ☺️☺️

(1 edit)

Sorry, guys. I got sick. Feel terrible. There will be no report today


its ok, just take care of yourself and get well soon!

Deleted 274 days ago
Deleted 274 days ago
(3 edits)

Fixed. The next update is coming soon, so I won't be uploading a separate bugfix.

If you'd like, you can email me at [my email]@gmail.com, and I'll send you this bugfix.


Looked like a fun game. Figured I'd go for it and give it a try. Didn't expect to be redirected to two different places for download. First 1 took me from itch.io to an external (the only DL options offered are external). Then that one took me to another place to actually download the item, which popped up advertising for buying a car in a city near me. Guess the $13 I paid isn't enough eh? Gotta mine me for information and try to sell me random useless trash too?

Here's hoping this game actually works and isn't a bugged out waste of time.

BTW, your instructions on the itch.io download page are apparently out of date. There is no option to download week 1 or week 2 or a "Full" version. Just version 0.2.5 which doesn't sound anywhere near done at all. If you're going to be charging $10+ for a porn game on itch, make sure you've at least got your instructions sorted out properly. Plenty of great games on here are free to download, don't require you to jump through hoops to get them, and are actually accurate in their download/install instructions.

(3 edits)

Dear players, kindly WITHHOLD COMMENST ABOUT THE QUALITY OF MY GAME UNTIL YOU'VE HAD A CHANCE TO PLAY MY GAME. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  1. Don't let the version number confuse you. My game includes over 18,000 images and 1,200 animations. Do you know many games that have so many content in the final release? So, if you can approach the game without bias towards the version number and simply give it a try, I believe you'll find a lot of enjoyment.
    Yes, my game is not finished, but you can consider this version as an opportunity to jump in at the lower price point. Final version will be more expensive. You pay only once and have an access to all updates for free. Those who joined as early players paid less than $5 and enjoy unrestricted access to all content.
  2. Thank you for letting me know about outdated information. I somehow added the updated download instructions to the 'Details' section, overlooking the separate field intended for download instructions where I had outdated information. I have since rectified this issue.
  3. Unfortunately, I'm unable to upload my game on itch.io. Their game size limit is 2 GB, while my game exceeds 6 GB. Compressing over 18,000 images and 1,200 animations in 1920x1080 resolution to fit within 2 GB would inevitably result in a significant loss of image quality.
  4. The two separate places you mentioned are two file storage servers. I did it for your convenience: if one server is slow in your region or temporarily down, you can utilize the other. Despite having a premium account, these file servers do not offer me the ability to pay for ad-free downloads on behalf of users. I don't receive any revenue from the ads they display to you. If you have any alternative solutions, kindly let me know.

Zegamez when the next version come?

No promises, but I'm about to finish. In fact, both of my games are ready for release. Right now, I'm working on the initial release of The Better Deal. I almost finished the first event of the second chapter and I need to do just one  more event before the release.

Then, I'll finish the last few events for Beauty and the Thug.

does the next update realese with in next month or October.😅😅❤️❤️

I hope it will be in September.

I'm finishing the initial release of The Better Deal. Right after that, I'll continue working on Beauty and the Thug. I just need to do three more events

Just bought the game, playing on Amazon fire, can't move the week1/2 from download to documents, any clues ?

I'm sorry, but I have never worked with Amazon fire. Can you use another system / device to move it?


tried the other download option worked a treat, great game so far 👌 

Great game, absolutely worth the price. Wondering is Amy available to date and sleep with the MC yet, or is that planned for a future update?

How can I play the new version? It says version 0.2.5d but I can only play until day 19. And when I restart I can only skip the first week, but day 19 is almost 3 weeks :(


Day 19 is the last day. Sorry for confusion. First "0" means it's not the final version (the final one will 1.0.0.) The second digit "2" means the number of full weeks that are ready.

A really good game, didn't regret buying it. But I have a question. How do you get a dildo in the game? On the game page you can see pictures of it, but I can't buy one. In the sex store there is only anal gel and pills. 

Thank you!
To buy a dildo, Lisa's Pussy Play skill has to be >= 5% or her Anal Play skill has to be >= 25%. You can find all the requirements for all toys in the game Walkthrough at page 53.

I played the demo and I loved it, even though the end of it had a bunch of errors that when ignored eventually just kicked me to the main menu.

I was wondering if I buy the game as is (current version 0.25b) will I get access to future updates?

Thank you!

Yes, you will have access to all future updates.

Did you download the last free version 0.0.9I ? What errors do you have have at the end?

(1 edit)

I was playing on the 0.0.9 version, I just finished playing the new demo, there wasn't a single error this time, thank you <3

I did encounter one inconsistency, I decided to ignore the guy outside the restaurant and later the demo talked about how I had accepted the job to wash cars, this is in the new version :)

*sneaks off to buy the game*

one question is the demo full previous version or just a part of version if full previous version dont put it in demo just put it in main download just for free

Thank you!

No, demo is quite an old version in terms of content. The last day in free version is Day 6 (excluding the last lesbian scene.) The last day in the full version is Day 19.

I just added to a free version some of new features like a hint system.

(2 edits)

Is it just the demo that's screwed up, or will I get constant error screens with the full version as well?

It was tolerable, for a while.  I just hit ignore and move on, then they became more frequent until it was just one after another making the game unplayable.

Also, the stats button just put up and error screen.  Completely unusable.

Nobody has complained about this problem. May I ask you what error do you see exactly?

(1 edit)

I spotted the error after opening a stat button. 

Currently, I'm uploading fixed free version.

This error is absent in the full version

UPDATE: already uploaded. Please, check if you have any new errors.

Free version was not tested thoroughly.

(1 edit)

I am re-downloading the demo, now.  I will play again, and if I get error screens, then I will screenshot them and send the pictures via Discord, unless you prefer another method.

Thank you, I really appreciate that!

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